19 MLK facts that you probably do not know

Since today is Martin Luther King Day in the US, while most of us have a day off from work or school, it is important to take the time to remember his contribution to our nation. Being that today is Motivational Mondays, we are sharing with you some interesting MLK facts that you may not know


  • Martin Luther King’s birth name was Michael. There is no actual documentation of his name change and some say it could have been when he was 5 and others in his teenage years.
  • Before MLK practiced non-violence, he applied for a gun permit to protect his family.
  • MLK attempted suicide when he was 12 by jumping from a second story window.
  • King won a Grammy. In 1971, he won the award for Best Spoken World Album (Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam).
  • MLK is the only non-president to have a national day
  • MLK is the only-non president to have a memorial in DC
  • At the age of 35, MLK was the youngest male to win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • His “I have a dream” speech was not the first at the Lincoln Memorial
  • George Washington is the only other American to have his birthday as a national holiday
  • MLK was a habitual smoker and he did not allow any photos to be taken of him smoking
  • Stress played a major role in his health, after he died the doctor’s said he had the heart of a 60 year old, though he was 39
  • King was constantly on the road traveling over 6 million miles & speaking over 2,500 times
  • He sang with his church choir at the Gone With the Wind premier in 1939
  • At least 40 US States have one road named after MLK
  • There are over 900 street names after MLK in the US
  • He spent his wedding night in a funeral home because he wasn’t allowed to stay at a whites only hotel
  • His favorite foods were pecan pie & fried chicken
  • MLK only attended 2 years of high school and went to college at the age of 15
  • He was a big Trekkie

We hope you learned some interesting MLK facts and take a few moments to honor him this day

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