STOP reading the negative news Now

Are you a news junkie?  Do you know that the news can be making you sick?  We live in a world with a 24-hour news cycle, with the news constantly around us.  Whether it is the local news on TV, reading the paper, or browsing your feed on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). It seemed as though our nation is more divided during this last political cycle than ever.   We are constantly being bombarded with alerts of mass shootings, bombings, constant violence, and views (negative or positive) on President Trump.

According to psychologists, exposure to negative media may have long-term lasting psychological effects.  Negative news contributes to our malaise and we end up asking questions like “Is everything bad”, “I could donate money but there will be another tragedy tomorrow.” Even in the election cycle of 2016, only half of the United States voted.  Yes, maybe people hated both candidates but there are some people that thought does my vote actually matter and will I make a difference.  When we become de-sensitized, we become passive and in turn stop caring.  Negative news also makes us anxious and worried about bad things that could happen to us.  I remember when I was a child, I watched a story on hormones given to cows for milk production.  I then went on only to buy only organic milk for a long time.  Has something similar happened to you?   Also, Negative news makes us stressed out and too much stress is bad for our health.  Remember this isn’t the good type of stress that drives you to reaching new records, it is the kind that makes you worry about EVERYTHING!


How can we fight back against all of the negative news in our life?  I think the simplest technique for you is to just turn it off and take a break from social media, CNN, reading the newspaper.  You can also focus on more positive news.  There are many stories of people overcoming a disease or disability.  These stories make us feel better.   Also, you can make a gratitude list every day of the 10 things you are grateful for in life.   If you can do some of these tips daily, you will have a better quality of life.

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