Why Can’t You Just Get A Job? 10 Reasons Why I’m My Own Boss

Every few months my husband and I bicker about money or someone mentions, “Why can’t you get a job?”  And I honestly consider getting a “JOB”.  But then it hits me…

I’ve had at least 9 different careers before I even hit the age of 29 years old.  I was a trained special education teacher who substitute taught for far too long, volunteer coordinator who didn’t even get paid, meetup organizer for an amazing group of women in New York City, Genuine Girlfriends of New York City (also non-paying), Event Planner, Social Media Intern (also non-paying), Team Recruiter for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, Private tutor for a Special Education private school, Worked at Sylvan Learning Center, and a bunch of other roles.

I’m what you’d call as “well-rounded” in the job department with no strong standouts.

Well here is my list and why I’ve decided that being my own boss is better than EVER working for someone else

  1. I’m not a rush in the morning type of person.  I can be a morning person but I like to take my time in the morning.  No need to rush when you’re working for yourself.
  2. I like to make my own schedule and not have to fit to someone else’s.  This one explains itself!
  3. I’m not incredibly amazing at dealing with people in person every single day (tons of anxiety)
  4. I can be in pain sometimes for numerous hours and if I was working a regular job with regular hours, I’d get absolutely nothing done.  (I have fibro)
  5. My memory isn’t what it used to be and if you’re asking me some trivia question I may know it but if its something I should have researched a few months ago and still remember, I will probably not remember it unless it truly meant something to me.
  6. I love snacking throughout the day and typically reward myself with food.  Can I do this with a JOB?  Maybe but it won’t be homemade or as good!
  7. Because of my fibro I get tired throughout the day and can often find myself resting but this doesn’t mean I’m not working.  I pick my own hours, so I work however much I want and can accomplish big things when I truly take care of myself.
  8. I’m the social media queen but that doesn’t mean I want to be stuck in some stuffy office.  I love working from my home or coffee shoppes!
  9. I don’t have to be stuck in the same location all the time.  I can actually do some work while on vacation if I want or take a train in the city (I’m super close to NYC).
  10. I can choose who to work with.  I love working with other people and sometimes that’s why I used to want a JOB but if I had to pick the best people to work with, they probably wouldn’t all be at the same location.

Why Your Happiness Should Triumph

We are brought up with the thought that you have to work no matter what, but why should we hate what we do?  If we are expected to do it forever, why can’t we simply adore it?  Your happiness should triumph everything…and you should OWN it!

This is precisely why I love being a blogger, who also freelances in social media, travel, gluten free, and essential oils!  If you’re in need of someone in any of those areas I’m your girl!  <3

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