Why Consistency Needs To Be In Your Toolkit

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or really anyone practicing this thing called “adulting”, you know that you need to be consistent to be a successful adult.  Consistency is the #1 tool you need in your toolbox called life.  If you just do something once you aren’t sure to be successful and sometimes it just takes practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Why do we practice things so often as children and yet as an adult if we don’t get something, one time, we feel we can’t do it?!?  The reason for this is because as adults we are trained to believe we are already experts in the things we will be good at and not that we can evolve into being good at just about anything!  But if you practiced something on a consistent basis even if you weren’t good at it, odds are you would be better then where you started!  This is where consistent actions comes into place!

Consistency In Your Daily Life

When you think about your life, are there any activities you perform consistently?  If you didn’t perform those activities would your life still be the same?  Some examples that come to mind for me are getting the mail, going grocery shopping, and cleaning the house.  If you didn’t do those activities consistently, you’d have an overflowing mailbox, no FOOD in the house, and one messy house!  Consistency is one of the most important habits you can learn!

What Does Consistency Look Like For A Blogger Or Entrepreneur

True consistency means you send out newsletters more than once a year, you post to social media on at least a weekly basis, and you get in touch with your audience consistently!  If you want to be seen as a true professional you can’t be flakey!  You can’t be that “person” that just appears when they feel is convenient.  You need to be that expert that is there to answer your ideal clients hidden concerns even when they don’t know they have it!

If you’re a blogger this means you blog more than once a month (normally min. of once a week is true consistency).  You truly interact with your followers and have your blogposts outlined ahead of time (or at least the theme).  This means you’re taking consistent action to achieve the steady blogging repertoire.   If you’re an entrepreneur, lets say a coach for example, this means you regularly work with clients (on a weekly basis) and perform outreach to get new clients at least weekly.  If you didn’t have consistency on social media how would people be expected to find you?   It’s all about how you show up!  Do you want to be seen as an amateur or a pro?  How are you showing up to your followers?

Why Diets Don’t Work Without Consistency

Just like you wouldn’t recommend that someone lose weight instantly after just working out one day, doing a diet for one day shows the same results.  If you saw someone claim that they lost weight after going on a diet for one day, would you buy what they were selling?  Just like anything else, if you don’t do something consistently you won’t get the results.    If you don’t work out for a few days in a row before taking a break, you can’t expect to lose weight or gain muscle.  Just like working out doesn’t work without daily work, the same goes with going on a diet.  If you chose a diet and then only stuck to it for a few days and expected for you to be a success story, you’d be unrealistic.  You need to stick with something and practice it daily!

No one tells you, if you want to get somewhere faster, do it daily!  Consistent action is showing up everywhere because of doing daily content whether on social media, blogging, or podcasts.  This also works with SEO.  If you aren’t showing up consistently your SEO will suffer!

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