Are Top Brands Reaching Out To You For Reviews?

Normally in our Feature Friday blogposts we share a movie or book but this week its all about something for bloggers that want to get noticed by top brands!  About a week ago, I signed up for a great service for new bloggers to get more media attention, Influenster.  If you’re looking for products to review on your blog (for free), I highly recommend it!  Basically they have you write out reviews on popular websites and include #hashtags plus write out a blogpost or use social media and that’s it.  It’s a really great way to get more exposure for your blog and introducing yourself to reviewing items.

My First Box

I recently got my first Box from Ralph Lauren Polo.  #PoloRedExtreme #livelifetotheextreme #ralphlaurenfragrances  Here’s a picture of my husband opening up his little box that we got in the mail:

He doesn’t normally wear cologne but its great for those nice occasions that warrant a high-end touch like company events, weddings, etc.   It’s an eye-opening scent that is great for that initial contact when you first meet. This will definitely come in hand when we travel as its a small bottle and we love to travel. I know he’ll definitely want to use it on our upcoming cruises and dinner parties we love to throw.

Who Doesn’t Love Getting Free Stuff

If you’re like me or ANYONE you love getting free stuff to review.  My hubby loves that we got this in the mail for free to write a review! We are so appreciative of this opportunity to review this product and we’ll be reviewing some healthy items in the following weeks on this blog so definitely stay tuned!

If you have a product you’d like for us to write a review about whether it be from a gluten free healthy living viewpoint, to a luxury high-end, loves to travel, family oriented perspective please feel free to get in touch with us below!

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