Halfway Point and Then Some!

I had originally started this post halfway through my pregnancy (I’m now already at 31 weeks)  Being pregnant truly tests everything we’ve come to know as adults.  The pain, discomfort, sudden realization we’re bringing something amazing and magical into the world, and so many other wonderful emotions.  It’s given me a time to do a lot of research as I revamp my current business and turn it more child/family centered.


I was raised with the most conventional of diapers and while I’ll say it isn’t the worst thing to use, it simply isn’t the BEST.  After having done a vast amount of research on absorbency, quality, and more.  This is why I’m dedicated to using a chlorine and bleach free diaper like Bambo Nature.

Breastfeeding & Formula

I’ve been in-between this issue for awhile being health conscious I know Breastfeeding is BEST but also feeding them is BEST since as long as they’re well fed and you’re aware of what you’re putting into your children (none of the preservatives and other junk that’s in common formula’s.  I’m definitely going to try to breastfeed and would LOVE to aim to do it for at least 6 months but if it doesn’t work out I won’t guilt myself on it.  I’ll deal with it and will try using the BabyNes since its super convenient but if the baby has any dairy allergy (like both David & I have) then we are going for the most nutritional and my personal research favorite HIP.

Non-Toxic Items to look for when preparing your Baby’s Nursery

Changing Pad- Right now Buy Buy Baby Stores have the Naturepedic Changing Pad on sale for $59.99 instead of the normal $99.99 so if going toxic free is important to you…then I’d highly recommend getting to a store and ordering it!

Mattress- Naturepedic Organic Cotton Element Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress

Baby Wipes (if you can make this yourself I’m all for it but for me I chose WaterWipes)

PS:  Look for more blogposts coming your way and if you’re interested in using any of my services (getting the healthiest baby registry on the block, going Gluten Free, or planning a great gluten free trip in New York City feel free to email me directly at LMENDEL530@gmail.com

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