Healthy Alternatives To Energy Drinks

If you are not getting enough sleep or do no have a quality work life balance you might feel a lack of energy from time to time.  See my previous post on how to get enough sleep HERE and some tips on maintaining a quality work life balance HERE . As our energy levels decrease we become fatigued.  Most of us then turn to energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy or even a cup of coffee.  However, there are many hidden dangers in these energy drinks that you might not know.  Some of these dangers include headaches, insomnia, diabetes, increased anxiety, and high blood pressure.  Instead of focusing on these energy drinks or caffeine, here are some healthy alternatives.

Green Juices & Smoothies

Dark vegies such as spinach and kale used in green drinks are a great source of vitamin B.  Vitamin B is essential to a faster metabolism and that in turn will produce more energy.


Water is the best energy drink out there.  Being hydrated is an inexpensive way to increase energy levels. As soon as we are dehydrated our metabolism starts to slow down.  If you are drinking water, consider adding a drop of lemon essential oil or peppermint oil to increase the taste.  Peppermint will help wake you up and lemon oil will detoxify your body.

Protein Shakes & Carbs

Protein based shakes provide the body with the fuel to build tissues.   However, just mixing a shake from a powder will not give you the needed energy.  You must have some carbs to turn into energy our body can consume.  You can eat some whole wheat bread, some fruit, or mix-in some oats.

Next time you feel fatigued, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee or energy drink, consider one of these alternatives.

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