Healthy Snacks For The Health Conscious Millennial

Today’s blogpost is dedicated to healthy living and healthy snacks!  I’ve been into healthy living since studying to be a Certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  While the program taught me about healthy living and tons of different diets and ways to live healthy, it wasn’t until I went out into the world that I discovered the healthiest snacks around!  I used to share these snacks exclusively in my Gluten Free Tours of New York City which I led as the unofficial Gluten Free Expert of New York City.  I ran my tour for over 3 years and had a ton of fun with it.  I’m going to share some of my favorite snacks with you below and then if you read to the bottom of this post you can find out how I’ve upgraded my tours for unique gluten free experiences for the Gluten Free community traveling to New York City!  If you’re health conscious like us, you’ll definitely want to check out my snack list below!  Finally a list perfect for those health conscious (without all that processed food and sugar)

The Healthiest Snacks Around

  1. Yu Puffs are a new favorite of mine as they contain coconut oil, flax seed, and yuca starch.  They also happen to be completely gluten & dairy free!  You can find out more about them here. They are a very light and delicious snack!
  2. Cacao bars are another favorite of mine as they have a magnesium, flavonoids (with antioxidants), tons of vitamins, heart healthy fat, and so much more!   I prefer the Hu Kitchen puffed quinoa bar because of its similarity to a kit kat (in my opinion).  You can buy directly from their site here.
  3. Snacks from like goji berries, dried fruit, etc.  I love getting a bunch of items to save on shipping!
  4. Smoothies and green drinks are a huge favorite of mine.  I definitely recommend trying a few to find your favorite.  Make sure whichever one you choose it has a low sugar content. I used to be really into Amazing Grass but lately have been into TerraGreens from here.
  5. Popcorn is another favorite of mine, I prefer air popped over microwaved so you don’t get the radiation.  Also its a lot more light to me.  You can add whatever topping you want, I really prefer adding some sea salt or OnGuard.  Sometimes pickles are great in there too.
  6. Sweet Potato fries are a family favorite here and we love dipping with some maple syrup.

I’d love to hear your favorite healthy snacks below!

Upgrade Info

I’ve upgraded my initial Gluten Free Tours of NYC to now include a pre-travel planning consultation which enables me to plan out your gluten free trip to the big apple (New York City).  I will take my years of being a New York City Expert (my whole life) & years of being a Gluten Free Expert (7+ years) and deliver a great trip for you with places to visit (just provide the ages of everyone on your trip) this is not just limited to gluten free spots but children friendly, birthday spots, spots perfect for anything you’re looking for.  You can contact me at the email below and just put in the subject line travel consultation and I will email you back all the information I need.  This service is $75 for up to 4 days, and $25 each additional day.  Please plan to contact me at least 1 month before your trip.

As for my tours, they are coming back until this July only for parties of 4 or more at a price of $90/person (weekdays only) with 4 weeks notice.

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