Leadership Lessons From Presidents

Today is President’s Day in the United States.  Many of us have the day off and we should take the time to reflect on our past presidents (not the current one).  I love reading and writing about history, which makes today’s topic very interesting for me to write about.  In our nation’s history, we have had some great presidents such our first George Washington, to some not so great presidents such as James Buchanan.  There is so much that we can learn from our past presidents (good and bad) and we can apply these principals to our business practices today.

Leadership Lessons from George Washington

George Washington, like many great leaders, valued the people he lead and inspired confidence in them.  He did not think of the people he commanded as a means to an end.  In turn, his soldiers respected him and followed his commands.  Do you inspire confidence and value the people you lead in your business?  George Washington communicated an inspiring vision and gave his people a voice.  This is how the colonies were able to upset one of the greatest military powers.

Failures of James Buchanan

Under the watch of James Buchanan the country split apart. Soon after his inauguration, the Supreme Court handed down the Dread Scott Case. James Buchanan failed as a leader because he did not have the right vision for our country.  He thought that the country would accept the Supreme Court decision on slavery and that would be the final say but he was wrong. In his final weeks in office, several southern states separated from the Union. Shortly after, the country burst into civil war.  However, out of the failures of James Buchanan rose another great leader of our country, Abraham Lincoln.

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