Let’s Plan for A Great 2017

I’ve been compiling planners for as long as I’ve been an entrepreneur and there are ones for all types of people but this blog won’t be for all kinds of people…you want the ones that really work…the one’s great for those twenty-eight-plus looking to be more organized, creative, and not just another pad of paper for dates and appointments!  Because we’ve all tried that!

Well your list has arrived and I checked it TWICE!  Here it is:

1. Leonie Dawson’s Biz & Life Planner is a huge hit but only if you’ve got time to plan out your business and life prior to the New Year or plan on doing it all over a weekend in a hotel away from distractions!  There are awesome graphics. There are tons of ways to really get intune with your goals for the New Year even before it happens.  If you’re a visual person this is FOR YOU!

2. Desire Map Planner is for you if you’re a TYPE A personality and you crave to get your CDF’s (Core-Desired-Feelings) in order for the new year!  This comes in a weekly and daily edition (I don’t know about you but I’d choose daily) Are you ready to set the intention to have a magical 2017?

3. Savor Your Success:  Is for those of us that are craving consistent action. We know that a planner that is aimed towards consistency is the way to go.  This is for the entrepreneur that says they’re going to do something but rarely follows through and needs more motivation.  I love the brain dump section!  This is the one we bought (both my hubby and me)

​4. The Ritual’s For Living Dreambook is for you if you set daily rituals.  This is for the dreamer in all of us that frequently isn’t listened to because we just don’t make the time but we should!  We should all dream a little bigger and with this planner we will!

​5. The Passion Planner- Started out as a crowdfunding planner designed by someone that just couldn’t find the perfect planner that covered everything she envisioned and she created it.  If you’re passionate and have various passions in different directions (who doesn’t?!?) then this planner is for you! Buy yours HERE: when checking out please give my name (Lynn Mendelsohn and email LMENDEL530@gmail.com as your referral)

6. The LifePlanner by Erin Condren- is what people are taking about and requesting out there! They even now have a luxe edition which includes a bounded foiled cover, different themes, unique layouts, goal setting, and so much more!  Life goals or business goals?  It doesn’t matter as this planner literally has it all figured out and in a luxury seal of approval (full personalization) I almost didn’t mind spending $557!

7. liveWELL Planner– is one of the most unique planners I am seeing out there because of its free downloads and budget tracker ability.  Definitely the perfect planners for those in their 20’s or 30’s looking to start saving!  This also has a gaol setting section.  My favorite part is probably the different inserts you can truly personalize your planner:

8. Simplified Planner by Emily Ley- reminds me of my favorite store C Wonder which is now only available on QVC (but that’s another blogpost in itself).  It has a style that is very distinguished but also have meal planning, fitness tracking, and GOAL SETTING!  Definitely well worth the $58!

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