How I brought minimalism into my hectic life and became a Minimalist

Nowadays everything is so complicated with our choices and cluttered lives

I recently decided to become more of a minimalist after reading the book Essentialism.  This led me to change the way I view life, more from a minimalist lifestyle.  It wasn’t an easy choice as so many things come to mind daily for me that I was constantly in a state of overwhelm.  But it was one I needed!  Like most people, I am constantly deciding on what’s the best option but what happens when you start standing by the QUALITY ones and quit being distracted by QUANTITY!

When I talk about a minimalist viewpoint on life, it includes getting rid of the distractions in our daily lives that keep up from reaching our high quality lives because we are too overwhelmed to reach it!

What are these distractions?

  • What to wear to work/even if you’re working from home
  • Self-Care activities
  • Morning rituals
  • Meal planning
  • Time management
  • Productivity boosters
  • Socializing time aka networking
  • Date nights
  • Exercise

4 Easy Steps for Creating More Minimalism In Your Life TODAY

  1. Start with the inner work that includes journaling and getting true to who you are without all the materialism.
  2. Decluttering your space by eliminating choices.  Pick a favorite color or two and get clothes in this color.  (Picking a color that goes great with your skin tone or eyes always helps)  This will make picking out an outfit a breeze in the morning.  This can also include items in your kitchen, with all your extra sets of dishes, silverware, blenders, etc.  They only take up unnecessary space.
  3. Letting go of things that no longer make you happy.  We all have things we haven’t used in ages that just happen to still be “there”.  Well its time to throw them away or donate them!  You never know how they could be making someone else happy!
  4. Stop the outer distractions including social media.  Take a whole week or two off social media and start listening to what truly matters in your life.  You’ll eliminate Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and start feeling more confident just by not comparing yourself to others all the time.  Think of it like a social media cleanse!  Plus you won’t be consistently searching for those “like’s” or have to see what other people are up to all the time to be happy!  Your happiness will be up to you!

Project 333

I’m really excited to be participating in Project 333 which is a minimalist fashion challenge.  You’re basically choosing 33 items to use from your wardrobe (yes clothes, accessories, shoes, etc…just 33 items total) everything else goes into a box or put away so you can’t use it for 3 months!   Who wants to join me?

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