Do You Need To Check Your Work Life Balance?

In a bid to restore some resemblance of work-life balance, French companies with more than 50 employees are required to guarantee workers the right to disconnect from technology when they leave the office at night. With the advent of 24 hour access to e-mail and communications, the regular hour work-week seems to be antiquated.    Whether you are an entrepreneur or work a 40 hour work week, we are struggling to maintain a quality of work life balance.

Why Do We Care About Work Life Balance

While it is counter-intuitive, working less can improve your productivity.  If you are an entrepreneur, how creative can you be if you are fighting fatigue? If you are exhausted all of the time,  you tend not to concentrate and you may forget important things.  When you are rested you are able to react quicker, you will be more productive, and avoid burnout.  This will not just have an effect on you but also your family, if you are married or have children.

Some Tips

Make sure to keep your priorities in life clearly defined.  Layout your goals on a Sunday for the following week and mark down your time commitment to each task for the week.  Also use a planner to schedule out your day and leave time for yourself.  If you haven’t bought a 2017 planner, you can look at our post about the best planners HERE.

Create time blocks in your schedule for yourself or be with your family.  During those times, turn off the computer, your phone or e-mail if you can so you don’t work.  Going to the gym or going for a jog is a good way to distance yourself from your work for a bit.

Remember that work life balance is all about creating balance so that you can do your best work.  So make sure you’re putting in time for enjoyment so that you can also reach achievement.  These are two necessary areas that need to be met in order for true work life balance.  The easiest way to find time for enjoyment is by taking up a hobby or as I had listed earlier some of the best things to accomplish in 2017.  After you’ve found enjoyment, achievement will be easier to grasp since you won’t be so weighed down and hence productivity will go up!

Do you have a good work-life balance?

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