Why You Need To Have Good Posture

When we talk about health, we often talk about eating right and exercising.  One important factor that goes into our health and wellbeing that is rarely talked about, is our posture.   What is good posture?  It means that our bones are properly aligned with our muscles, joints, and ligaments.  It is important to practice good posture in every aspect of your life from when you are sitting at your desk to when you are relaxing watching TV.

How Does Bad Posture Affect Our Health?

Bad posture contributes to increased fatigue and increased levels of stress.  Your muscles will have to work extra hard to keep you up if you have bad posture.  In addition, slumped positions alter hormones which help to regulate your stress levels.

Poor posture contributes to our mood and can enhance depression like feelings.  When we are in a slumped position that can lower our sense of self-esteem.  If you are in an up-right position, you feel more confident and in turn reduce your feeling of depression.  Also, according to some studies when we sit upright, we are more likely to remember positive memories.

Poor posture naturally causes pain in the shoulders, back, neck, and wrists.  This is because we put an unnecessary strain on our muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints.  The aches and pains may not come right away but can develop over the years.   Also, according to studies, when you lean your head forward while seated you are more likely to clench your jaw.  This can lead to jaw pain such as TMJ and headaches.

So How Should We Change Our Posture

One way to exhibit good posture is to stand or sit up straight.  Not only will you feel more confident but your lungs will have more room to expand and open up your airways.    When you use a heavy purse or backpack, try to carry the bag on both sides of the body so you do not cause muscle imbalances. If you work at a desk or are in school take a break every thirty minutes and walk around.  If your company allows it, you can buy a standing desk too.

So, are you ready to change your posture today?

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