Why You Need To Include Crush It In Your Library

I had picked up Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V) when it was recommended to me by a mentor of mine.  We had just started this blog about a month ago and I wanted to learn more about marketing.  I might be one of the only people who had never heard of Gary V before I read his book.  If you are not familiar with @Garyvee, he is a small business entrepreneur and creator of Wine Library TV.  Gary V started by answering questions on Twitter about wine and then started video blogging about wine.  The book is relatively short. It contains a ton of detail about marketing and branding that you might want to re-read it a few times.

This is not a get rich quick book, he talks about the realities of how hard you will have to work to make even a decent living, like you may make at your current job. As he says, if you are even just even a bit unhappy with your job, you should work to change it. We spend so much time at work, we should not waste it by doing anything other than what we love most.   He does NOT suggest quitting your job to become a blogger. If you want to change and do something you love, work hard after your day job until you can get to that place.

Talk About Your Passion

One thing I noticed in Crush It, is Gary’s passion for creating killer content. He goes into depth about how you can market and brand yourself.  That is why you want to find your passion, whatever it may be, and use that as leverage into blogging, video-blogging, or answering people’s questions on Twitter or Quora for example.

Finding your passion is the key to success. If you follow your passion you will never run out of ideas to talk about and you will never want to stop learning.  Lynn & David chose to blog about things in life that affect those twenty-eight-plus because we have gone through these struggles.   It just flows for us to talk about issues related to money, trends, mindset, among other things.  Remember that your content is your rope and the lasso (hook) is how you bring people into your blog. Some ways to do this is by posting in Facebook groups, answering questions, and posting on social media.

Tweet: Anything is better than zero @Garyvee

As we discussed in yesterday’s blog post consistency is very important.  Building a brand is a marathon and not a sprint.  Have a goal in mind so you know where you are ultimately going with your brand.

Monetizing Your Brand

Once you start to build up your brand, you can start to look to ways to monetize your brand.  Gary V goes into depth about various ways to do this, which includes affiliate programs, advertising, retail, seminars, consulting, and books.  We are going to write about some of these ways in future blog posts, stay tuned.

Are You Ready To Crush It In Your Niche?

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