Part 2: The Keys To Time Management

I began reading “Get Your Sh*t Together” by Sarah Knight last week and have been giving tidbits of useful knowledge to help you well, “Get Your Sh*t Together!”  This is the 2nd tidbit enriching part for Trending Tuesdays.

Like many trends right now for those twenty-eight and above, getting organized which includes time management, is definitely at the top of the list.  There are so many people telling us how to do this but none so directly as Sarah Knight.

A Through Review Of Get Your Sh*t Together

Sarah’s exquisite approach to digging in with her sense of human, profanities, and complete realness is what gives this book a real edge in self-help books!  She really approaches the reader with a direct approach around finding your focus, strategy, and complete commitment to the cause.  I was a little lost when she went from helping you find a job (if that’s what your focus is) and decided to talk extraneously about that topic and finding a strategy to putting together a resume as I did not pick that as my earlier focus.  Still the book remains a great fixture into finding an approach that works for you no matter your focus.  I like that she includes, much later in the book a way for you to hold yourself accountable, and sample to-do lists.

Why Time Management Matters

When we consider all things relative to getting “Our Sh*t Together”, what’s the first thing you secretly think about?  It may be different for different people but to me its definitely time management.  How can you fit everything you want to accomplish into one day?  Well you can, if you know how much time you are spending on specific things.  Like for example, how much time you spend in the shower in the morning, how much time it takes for you to finish your lunch, etc.  All of these otherwise trivial things, have important ways for fitting into your life.  Time management is so important that it means you should own a calendar and be using it daily.

If you truly want to be successful you need to know where you spend your most time to achieve your goals.  Of course each goal can be broken down into chunks but you won’t know how much time daily you have to pursue them unless you start keeping track!

Next week we will be discussing the last part of this book and why “Get Your Sh*t Together”, is something every 28+ reader should be reading!

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