Plan Something For The Week To Avoid The Monday Blues

Sounds like you have a “case of the Mondays” (A quote from one of my all-time favorite movies). As we say goodbye to our spouses or children on Monday morning, it symbolizes our return to the work week or school.  The Monday Blues describe what people get at the beginning of the work-week if they are not happy at work.   Does this describe you?   Monday is the most dreaded day of the week but I love Mondays.  Here are some tips for you to love Monday’s too.

Plan for Monday

Mondays to me symbolizes a fresh start to the week, where there is so much that I need to accomplish in order to reach my vision of who I want to become.    One way to look forward to Mondays is to plan for the week. This helps me reach my goals.  I know when Monday comes, I have to hit the ground running in order to achieve these goals.  You should either get a white board or calendar and pick a certain amount of tasks that you want to accomplish during the week.    After you accomplish the given task, you can put a check mark next to it or cross it off your list.  On Sunday, review your list from the past week and figure out what worked or what didn’t and plan your next week list.

Plan Something Fun

If you plan something fun for Monday, you will look forward to it.  Schedule a date night with your significant other or friends, buy tickets to a show or sporting event are just some things you can do.  You can even schedule a class for Monday so that you can learn something new.  My wife even loves journaling on Mondays so she can plan out her entire week.  But her favorite activity is her gratitude list which she only does during the week.  There are so many ways to look forward to Monday, what’s your favorite way?

Stop Focusing On The Negative

When all you do is focus on negativity, you will only attract negativity into your life. If you focus on more positivity, you will bring more positivity into your life.  Who knows you might even start making Monday’s your favorite day of the week because of all the possibility it symbolizes.  Monday is the rebirth and renewal of the week.  You can totally start from the beginning on a Monday and no one will say a thing!  So today, Monday start focusing on all the good things in your life and leave the bad behind!  Let’s celebrate a brand new week!  What does this week hold for you?

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