Procrastination; The Worst Habit We All Have

We are now in our 3rd week in my new blog-series for Get Your Sh*t Together.  We’ve covered everything from the basics, to why time management matters, and now we’re on to our worst habit.   I’m really excited about this topic as its definitely one of my biggest fails.  And has kept me from accomplishing a LOT!  Let’s dig a little deeper on where procrastination comes in and why we shouldn’t invite it in anymore!

Procrastination And Why We Need To Dis-invite This From Our Lives TODAY

How many times have you gone through your day to realize you put off doing something huge that could have been great for your life or business?  Hello procrastination!  In the book, Get Your Sh*t Together, Sarah Knight states this as being “Fuck Overload.” (See picture below)

This is so useful to bring into point here as we so often get overwhelmed when we have too many things to do and don’t prioritize our lists.

Why We Need To Prioritize Our Lives

If we don’t give priority to the important things, how do we think they will ever get done?  In creating a list we need to think of everything we need to get done and then put them into order of urgency.  This will move your tasks into different levels of priority.  Finally, those items that need to get done by TODAY should always go first, those for later in the week next, and so on.  As stated in the book, “You might get to Fuck Overload because you did all of the low priority things and none of the high priority ones. ”

How To Fix Our Procrastination For Good

The book recommends creating a procrastination journal, where you list all the things you find yourself doing this week to procrastinate the sh*t you really have to get done.  Furthermore, in this journal you’d include such things as things you did that weren’t on your to-do list.  It actually sounds genius if you’re a chronic procrastinator like me!

On my list definitely was Netflix, playing with my cockatiels, baking, cooking, etc.  I’d love to hear your favorite ways to procrastinate below!

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