Have A Random Acts Of Kindness Weekend

In honor of #NationalRandomActsofKindnessDay being Friday, I’d like to prolong it and make it into a whole weekend event!  We all need more kindness in our lives <3 If not just for each other but sometimes even to ourselves!  So lets start a random acts of kindness weekend, I challenge you!

Some Examples Of Random Acts Of Kindness For Others

  1. Hold a door for someone in need (or ANYBODY).
  2. Give up your seat on the bus, subway, train, etc.
  3. Compliment someone, you never know how you could have just made their day that much better!
  4. Buy someone flowers…just because!
  5. Buy a homeless person a slice of pizza or a salad but don’t forget the water!
  6. Adopt a rescue animal from a shelter!
  7. Show interest in someone else’s day.
  8. Write a thank you note to someone that’s really touched your life even if in just a small way!
  9. Give out free hugs!
  10. Hand deliver some flowers to hospital patients or a senior home.
  11. Bake cookies for veterans in your area.
  12. Write a list of things you love about your loved ones and give it to them!
  13. Practice paying it forward in a coffee or grocery line and pay for the person behind you!


Some Examples Of Random Acts Of Kindness Towards Ourselves

  1. Stop with the negative self talk immediately!  You know when you’re doing this because it comes so natural…so next time you hear yourself judging something you’ve done, think about it the other way.  What’s something great you’ve done lately?
  2. Post those positive affirmations EVERYWHERE!  Yes you know exactly what I’m talking about…post a phrase that will motivate you and make sure you post it somewhere you will see it often!
  3. Start a gratitude journal and make a list of at least 10 things you’re grateful for at the moment.

Tell others about this new weekend for Random Acts Of Kindness and challenge them to come up with some of their own!  I’d love to hear what you came up with or if you’ve used any of mine <3

#SpreadKindnessLikeFIRE #KindnessisContagious


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