SAVINGS And What That Means For Millenials

As a Millenial, I am quite advanced when it comes to saving money and budgeting.  It probably helps, that I once was a social media intern for a popular deal website.  Now  I can share all my tips with all of you!  But besides finding daily deals and knowing where to look for the best price, there are a number of options available to us, as millennial to save EVEN more!

Focus On What You Do Have

Yes most millennials are in debt but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have some items that you can make money off of and cut down that debt.  Find items around your house that could be valuable to someone, from clothing you may not have ever worn, or aren’t currently wearing to collectibles, and more.  I have a TY Beanie Baby collection that after researching on eBay, I know various items are worth a great price now.  Also websites like Thred Up will actually buy your clothes from you if they’re the brands they are looking for.  There are many similar websites out there that will actually pay you a great price for your used or brand new items.

The First Step You Should Take In All Your Online Purchasing

Want to make extra money just by making online purchases?  Your first step is definitely Ebates! Besides giving you extra money back for your everyday online purchases they also have promo codes for most of the websites showcasing their current deals!

Best Deal Websites For Millenials

There are many websites that claim to be the best daily deal website but few compare to Groupon, Gilt, and Goldstar.I love Groupon for having the most restaurant and local deals than any other website.  I run to Gilt for all the hottest spots in town from the top spa’s to the top restaurants, gym’s, and more at a killer discount.  Goldstar is amazing for finding the best deals for broadway shows, sporting events, and other events.  All of these sites need to be bookmarked immediately!  I’m definitely on all of them weekly!  What is your favorite deal website?

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