Three Steps To Declutter

I was recently in Barnes & Noble looking up different titles for today’s theme, Trending Tuesday, as I wanted to find a topic that was huge within our age group. Of course I looked on the best sellers table and I found it…”Get Your Sh*T Together!” This book just spoke to me because we are all trying to declutter our lives.  I love this book as there are books on overwhelm in every area of life but none so blunt about truly getting Your Sh*t Together and what that entails.

For the next 3-4 weeks I will be sharing specific meaningful pieces from this book that really stand out to me and help us truly get rid of the overwhelm that so often makes us stand still in our lives!  I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book today if you’re serious about decluttering your life!

Why We Need To Do More Decluttering

We so often try to declutter things in our outside lives but don’t worry about the things inside.  When we focus on decluttering the inside along with the outside its where we truly succeed.  Want to get in deep control of your life and erase your declutter that’s blocking your ultimate vision of living? If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to truly take this thing called life for all its worth and make it the best it can be!  So keep reading!

The Three Steps To Unblock Your Vision

The first step you need is your keys.  This is all about Strategy because if you don’t have your keys you have no way to get inside (whatever inside means to you).  These keys could be for your car, your home, ANYTHING!  Furthermore, they unlock the next step whatever that may be!  So put together a strategy to reach your goals today and you’ll be a tiny bit closer to your vision.

The second step you need to keep a hold of to truly Get Your Sh*t Together is your phone.  If you can keep track of your phone you’re already halfway there as your phone stands for Focus.  Why is a phone all about focus?  Well to me its because sometimes we can’t get our eyes off of it long enough to do anything else which means we are truly focused on our phone but to the author it’s because almost everything we need and use daily is there, from your Facebook app, to your email, important phone numbers, and that’s just hitting the surface.   We truly put all of our focus on our phone and when its missing its like a part of you is missing!  So stop focusing on medial things that have no importance to your overall success and start focusing on what will get you there!

The third and final step is your wallet.  Your wallet is all about commitment as “you put your real or metaphorical money where your mouth is, to follow through on your plan!” ~Get your Sh*t Together.   If this is a highly substantial item and it is, you should have a nice wallet to showcase your commitment to.  Just like a wallet is great to hold money, you need something steady to hold your accountability whether it be an accountability partner, a spouse, or a whiteboard to showcase all of your hard work.  Remember the best thing you can do to keep up your commitment is to take consistent action.   If you keep up your commitment your vision will become a reality.

Remember all things are possible when you “Get Your Sh*T Together!”  Stay posted on Tuesdays as we declutter our lives together, I’ll be covering this book in even more detail!


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