Tips To Avoid Political Posts On Social Media

You can’t be on social media for less than a few minutes and avoid seeing at least one post on Donald Trump.  Something related to Donald Trump is trending on Twitter or Facebook every day.    I am not a big fan of seeing political comments in my news feed, so I tend to ignore it.  I only really look forward to SNL now and the nightly news.  In this post today, I will provide you with a few tips for those of you that want to stay productive and ignore all of the political nonsense of Facebook or Twitter.

Don’t Comment On Political Posts

I would advise against commenting on other political posts that your friends make.  One reason is that when you engage someone in a political discussion on Facebook your mind will be tied up in responding back to your friend.  You will lose focus of your goals and ultimately you will get too distracted.  Also, due to the Facebook algorithm, when you comment on someone’s posts, their posts will show up first in your newsfeed.


Unfriending your family member may not be a good idea if you want to keep your familial relationships.  Instead you can choose to unfollow them.  Your friendship will not be damaged and their posts will not show up in your newsfeed.  To do this, go to any post, click on the downward-facing arrow and chose to unfollow or go to their profile.   You can also choose to unfollow someone on Twitter, unfortunately they will know that you unfollowed them.

Leave or Unfollow Groups

Did you join a bunch of groups during the election?  You might have joined a bunch of groups but are not participating in them.  If you aren’t then you should go through all of your groups, which are listed on the right-hand side of your Facebook page and either leave the group or unfollow. Without leaving the group, you can also just adjust your notifications in groups.  If you choose to unfollow the group, you can still be a member and post when you want to but you will not see their posts in your timeline.

Remember that we have at least four more years of this.

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