Tony Robbins is Amazing

On today’s Featured Friday, we are going to feature one of our favorite authors and motivational speakers, Tony Robbins.  I just started reading Tony’s newest book Unshakeable which is a follow up to Money Master The Game.  I will be posting about this new book soon, so be on the lookout.  Check out an earlier post where I talk about one of the principals from Money Master the Game

Why We Chose to Pay Off Our Mortgage and Live Debt Free

His two new financial books are great at helping you plan for the future financially if you are young.  It is also great at teaching you, the average financial person, how to accumulate wealth and live financially free. You can check out our 19 Ways to Get Out of Debt for some great tips to be free of debt.

Who Is Tony Robbins

If you do not know Tony Robbins, he is one of the most influential life coaches in the world. He has coached many celebrities, wealthy businessmen and even US Presidents.  In an interview I watched, Tony said that Bill Clinton called him the day he was going to be impeached.  In order to help President Clinton, Tony said he wished that he had called earlier.

Tony  Robbins is a mastermind of human behavior and teaches us how to connect with our inner self. His ability to connect with someone that he doesn’t know on an emotional level is amazing.  He is great at reading body language and asking the right questions.  You should definitely watch I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix, if you haven’t already.


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