Top Prenatals For Preventing Morning Sickness And MORE

When you’re 28 years old and above something might go through your mind (it doesn’t have to) but it could…having children!  And if that’s something you’re focused on, then the next step is obviously finding a great prenatal that fits all the mandatory boxes.

Absorption Rate (and helps against Morning Sickness)

If you can find a Prenatal that has a great absorption rate and it helps prevent morning sickness this is a total win-win!  I found two that work amazing in this area:

Life Long Vitality by DoTERRA is a game-changer as it contains ingestible essential oils plus all the needed vitamins and minerals & things to help against morning sickness!

Oxylent Prenatal is another game changer as I love being able to take a liquid prenatal that is slightly fizzy and tastes great!  Plus I love the vitamin values as this prenatal has everything and probably the highest absorption rate of the bunch.

Are you Vegan?  Then you’ll most definitely want to check out Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal that has Probiotics, Ginger, Vitamin D, and Zinc†.

Calcium Should Be Added To Your Diet Especially If You’re Vegan/Non-Dairy

If you are non-dairy or Vegan getting calcium isn’t always the easiest task.  Almond Milk is a great source and so is tofu.  There are plenty of calcium supplements on the market and if you aren’t getting at least 500MG.

Folic Acid Is HUGE When It Comes To Preparing For A Family

You’re supposed to have about 600mcg of Folic Acid during your pregnancy (even before) since early in pregnancy your babies neural tube is growing.  It’s of utmost importance that this Folic Acid need is met.

Not All Prenatals Have Iron (And Why You Should Only Be Looking At Ones That Do)

27MG is the daily value you should be taking while pregnant.  Many pregnant women can be deficient in iron which is not safe for developing babies and can develop anemia.  Sure you can get your iron in different forms but having it in a prenatal is a great way to supplement your diet just in case you aren’t getting your full day’s value.

Supplements To Add In Addition To Prenatals

Digestzen is a first trimester’s dream come true, as this amazing essential oil blend packs a punch when it comes to morning sickness and any digestive issues (esp. the all so common constipation that occurs) when you’re pregnant.

Juice Plus is a great supplement for getting your fruits & veggies your developing embryo needs.

For Omega 3 Fatty Acids I highly recommend IQ Mega.  This is great for babies brain development.

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