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                                          WHO I AM

Hey everyone!  I’m Lynn, a 33 year old that LOVES to live life to the fullest with a constant smile on my face! We only have one life to live so why not be our happiest! There’s so much negativity in the  world that I truly believe we need to create our own happiness and then spread it!  How do you spread more happiness in the world?

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be an entrepreneur into high-end mindset & lifestyle, I’d have thought you were nuts as I was unemployed and trying to find another “job” feeling unfulfilled was a regular thing for me.  I’ve changed so much from when I first started as an Entrepreneur to who I am today!  I no longer dread Mondays!  How have you changed since becoming an entrepreneur?


I honor my purpose in life, which is helping people to be more happy with themselves and accepting themselves for where they’re at.  Have you discovered you life purpose yet?

I love serving my audience by meeting their individual needs in meaningful and fun ways, which makes me happy. Going by the book does not.  How do you serve YOUR audience?Being creative with videos and writing blogposts on popular websites like the Huffington Post makes me feel confident which in turn makes me happy. Happiness comes FIRST, not LAST to me!  What’s your happiness priority?  When I discovered that, the rest was EASY.  Because when I feel excited and energized, my audience can feel it too and everything comes a little easier.

I want you to feel the excitement that I bring into ALL my work and see the very that’s possible when you allow more quality into your life.



My biggest role-model in becoming a Blogger is Samantha Brown.  Her remarkably sweet personality and dedication to all things travel has been a constant inspiration to me.Another person that has inspired me is Nisha Moodley.  She leads a retreat every year that I haven’t had the chance to go to yet but her sense of adventure and love for creating less competition and more community is a major inspiration!Shannon Kaiser is another big role model for me because of her optimism and dedication to living her best life!  Who’s your biggest role model that’s influenced your life?


Now officially a Huffington Post Blogger! Whether I’m making a delicious gourmet meal, performing Random Acts of Kindness, or plopping in front of the TV to watch Netflix, Younger, Gilmore Girls, HGTV, Travel Channel, etc I am extremely proud to spread Quality OVER Quantity as nowadays we have too many distractions in our lives and stop to focus on the QUALITY we can bring to our everyday lives!  I am all about Gratitude and Kindness!   I bring all of this to everything that I do!So if you’re working with me whether it be my newest offering: The FriendsLIFT Experience you will experience a transformation in how you see yourself and gain new business besties to hold you accountable every step of the way to reaching your dreams and more! (returning in 2019) If you work with me, you’ll soon discover I give my ALL, and promise to go above and beyond your expectations! Happiness isn’t a choice….its a right!

Contact me if you’re ready to raise your mindset like you’ve raised your standards!  Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with me today!