The Ultimate Mindset Program Has Arrived: Infinite Receiving

We’ve all been pre-programmed to think life is as good as we make it and we shouldn’t be asking for more.  What if I told you, that’s a block?  Are you constantly having money struggles?  Do you feel a deep co-dependance? Are you constantly impatient?  Are you stuck in denial of your true potential?  Then you need Infinite Receiving.  You will get the tools not just from a module but from a real person, explaining it through exercises that you can relate to.

Why Infinite Receiving Is Not Just ANY Program

Infinite Receiving is like you’re talking to your favorite spiritual motivational guru but they’re relatable to your struggles.  First, it’s a lifetime membership program.  Yes you heard me right, once you join you’re in it for life.  So if the program changes in a few years or rounds, you still get all the benefits.  Second, the connections you will meet and connect with from this program outshine almost any other program I’ve ever been a part of.  It truly makes it feel like you’re family and that you can say anything in the community.  Maru is so down to earth and constant ray of sunshine, that it may seen weird at first that she’s your teacher, but she brings so much knowledge and wisdom (yes I think knowledge is what you acquire over time, and wisdom shows up when you most need it).  If you’re ready for a program that will change your life and open you up to experience more of the possibilities you WANT in your life, this is it.

What’s Included In The Program

80+ reference calls library

 10 training modules

 The Infinite Receiving method (nobody else is teaching this)

 Daily Expansion boosts

 Infinite Receiving membership site

 Infinite Receiving bracelet

 Weekly trainings

 Weekly support calls

 Lifetime Access to the Infinite Receiving and future updates

 Lifetime access to the most supportive tribe online

Stop saying you don’t deserve this and just give yourself the greatest gift of acceptance and letting your guard down.  You’ve got this!

I’d love to hear from you, in what ways are you blocking yourself from receiving?  How are you going to change that?

The price goes up with every new version (and this is the 4.0 version), so join us before we get started again on March 6th by paying with either paid in full or a payment plan.  The paid in full price is just $697.

Learn more here!

The VIP version includes:


 2 75 min sessions with Maru to troubleshoot and resolve any receiving blocks in your life and business (Valued at $2997)

 Monthly (3) VIP Group Workshops to get special VIP access to receiving training and solutions for your receiving capacity.

 Energy of Your Launch Assessment to open up your launch to Infinite Receiving. Valid for business launches taking place between now and the end of Infinite Receiving 4.0

You can sign up for that here for just $1999.

Are you ready to start receiving all that you deserve in life and that much more?  If your answer is YES then click on the links above!


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