This Is Us Is The New Parenthood

Both shows This Is US & Parenthood are from the same writers so it was only time that someone compared the two.  If you haven’t watched either show you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster.  Both shows almost guarantee some emotional response whenever you watch!

A Brief Synopsis Of Parenthood

Parenthood takes place in Berkeley, California.  The Braverman family is probably the biggest draw of this show as the family is so close that they are practically in every scene mingling with each other.  That’s also why they are the main stars of this tv show and its all about the importance of family.  I loved their look at family and how they celebrated every sunday evening together as a giant family.  Each family faces their own challenges but its the way they interact with each other that really kept this show a hit.

A Brief Synopsis Of This Is Us

This Is Us, takes place in different decades as the storyline goes between the before and after.  A lot of the storyline is about family and the conflicts that arise.  The series follows Kate, Kevin and Randall, all of which are siblings.  Several of the main characters have the same birthday which is something very few shows have done.  The biggest surprise from the first episode I watched was definitely that this show is all about the before and after and it really evokes a lot of emotion.

Why I Truly Believe This Is Us Is The NEW Parenthood

The common thread, I think between the two are how family really sticks together no matter what.  If you’ve watched either show you’ll definitely see this is evident in almost every storyline.  The characters feel like people you know because of the struggles they go through and how relatable they are.  The most important similarity these two shows have are a whole lot of heart <3

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