Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Has Arrived

This year in preparation for Valentine’s Day we wanted to share some of the best gifts around!  We’re putting in the perfect gifts so no matter your budget or mood you will find the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Part 1)

  1. If your Valentine loves WINE, you’ll want to be sure to give them a subscription to the ultimate wine club that lets you support brand new winemakers, making their dreams a reality.   Naked Wines is now getting winemakers from around the globe and if  you sign up with them you can enjoy their dedication to great wine at a fraction of the cost!  Just $40 a month!
  2. If your significant other likes things a little more sparkly, I highly recommend checking out the Best Friend Birthstone Ring, at just $297 it seems like a great deal.
  3. If you want to spice it up in the bedroom make sure to check out the Essential Oil Blend, Whisper.  This unique blend helps your libido and brings intimacy up a level!  “Whisper Blend for Women is a complex and diverse blend that entices the senses and combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance. Each essential oil in the blend provides an inviting aroma of its own, but when combined, these oils offer a distinct scent that intrigues the mind and senses to both the wearer and those passing by. Regarded as the most precious flowers in the perfume and aromatherapy industries, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang’s euphoric aromas combine with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa to make this blend unmatched in complexity and aromatic influence.” Referred to in the Emotions & Essential Oils book by Daniel McDonald as the Oil of Femininity.

Presents That Require A Little More Thought (Part 2)

  1. The ultimate present for anyone that LOVES to travel has finally arrived!  A scratch it map so you can scratch off all the places you’ve visited already or hope to visit!  Check it out here!
  2. If your significant other loves puzzles like mine does he/she will love this DIY Valentine’s Crossword Puzzle!  Oh and its FREE!
  3. If you want a gift that includes everything on your list, I couldn’t recommend this Emotional Aromatherapy Kit enough as it has essential oil blends focusing around Motivation, Cheer, Forgive, Console, Peace, and Passion.
  4. Make them a chocolate treat but that doesn’t mean it has to be dessert!  Did you know you can use chocolate in a variety of ways?  Check out these amazing recipes!

If You’ve Been Together Awhile You Will Want To Check Out These Unique Presents To Show Your Love

  1. Boudoir Photos for your loved one, is a huge hit no matter when you got together!  But you will have to hurry if you want to get this done in time for Valentine’s Day!
  2. A Collage to showcase all of your time together is never a bad gift!  Try or
  3. If you have children and truly want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way you’ll remember all year long, you might want to pick up one of these two necklaces!   Showcasing their birthstones!   Both necklaces are stunningly gorgeous!

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Presents For People With Food Allergies

  1. Check out Vermont Nut Free Chocolates
  2. I just personally ordered chocolate from this website, that’s all about allergen free and VEGAN chocolates!
  3. I recently discovered this great website for anyone with a nut allergy!
  4. Want a Gluten Free and Dairy Free cupcake or giant chocolate chip cookie cake for Valentine’s Day?  Well I’ve got you covered with this site!  I highly recommend their french toast cupcakes!
  5. If your loved one has Celiac Disease or is Gluten Sensitive/Intolerant and you want to bake them something homemade, I highly recommend the #1 Gluten Free Flour and Mixes on the Market!  Visit them here!

Now the only thing left to do is enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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