Why I’ve Stopped Setting New Years Resolutions and Started Setting Goals

 Have you broken your New Years Resolution yet?

Have you ever set out to do something but not gotten around to it because of all the other priorities in your life?  To me setting new years resolutions just adds more pressure to your already stressful life.  Setting a New Years Resolution to me is a complete waste of time when you should be setting a specific goal.  Instead set a SMART GOAL:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Based.
Life isn’t black and white so why should your goals be?  That’s what New Years Resolutions are to me.  So often we set unrealistic New Years Resolutions like going to the gym daily, or losing weight (when we’ve tried so many times before) that we treat these resolutions like punishments and so we cherish them long enough to make them stick.  Life is filled with up’s and down’s so how can we stick to a goal that “should” get done if our circumstances change.  Setting goals and intentions daily are a much better way to make something more of a reality.  Did you know it takes 28 days to develop a habit?   Your dreams should be written in colors and not just once a year (when its easy) but even in tough times.

Are you in perfect alignment with your New Years Resolutions?

I’ve been on an intuitive quest for the last few years and it wasn’t until I truly started listening to myself, that I truly heard it.  What is it?  Your inner voice “your gut” and this gut doesn’t want to be stuck with another New Years Resolution you’re going to quit the day after New Years (or by the end of January).  It wants you to pick something you’re going to stay with.  What does your inner voice tell you?  Does this New Years Resolution really feel intune with who you want to be or your purpose?  If it does great go for it!  If it doesn’t follow your “gut” and start setting goals around what comes natural to you and lights you up!

The enthusiasm of a bright shiny New Years Resolution fades but your intentions don’t need to.

Daily goal setting and intentions are a cornerstone to being grounded and focused to what you really want to accomplish.  Instead of choosing something that will fade overtime, how about choosing how you want to feel.  This year try just listening to your needs and choosing a Core Desired Feeling instead (thank you Danielle La’Porte)  You never know where that will take you!

New Years Resolutions tend to get broken really really easily!  So instead of setting a New Years Resolution this year, how about just focusing in on what truly matters to you.  One of which should be your morning ritual which is almost as important as setting goals.
You’ve already set out goals you want to achieve so why add something else to your  plate?  I choose daily, weekly, and monthly goals over New Years Resolutions.  I like this because I get to update and change them on a whim.  Finally, I am not expected to achieve some great feat just one time a year…Hey I’m more talented than that!  <3

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